E-Mail Spam Filtering

NeverCluelessSpamFightingNeverClueless can help protect you and your employees by scanning your e-mail to eliminate threats such as viruses, worms, malicious content and attachments, as well as other junk mail. We provide real time protection from the latest threats by using cutting edge e-mail filtering technology and 24/7 monitoring. Our e-mail filters can be configured quickly for a low monthly cost.

Filter your email for spam and deliver suspect email to a separate junk mail folder

Our fully-managed spam filtering services, include all updates, testing and maintenance. There is no software to install. Users simply specify their preferences using our control panel and we take care of the rest.

  • Content filtering. Protects on the server side against bad headers and suspect attachments.
  • Company-wide white and black lists. Define in detail which senders should always or never be allowed to email you, both at the mailbox level and across your account at the administrator level.
  • Outlook integration. End users can control their personal white and black lists directly from Outlook.
  • Flexibility. Administrators can manage all spam settings and users get mailbox-level white/black list control.
  • User-defined sensitivity. Customers can refine spam sensitivity levels according to their company’s email usage.

Customize spam sensitivity
Adjust spam sensitivity  from one to 10, where level one is most strict and will allow the least amount of spam through, but with a higher chance of blocking genuinely desired email. Level 10 is the least strict and will allow more emails through to your inbox, but with an increased likelihood that spam will also get through. Administrators can adjust this setting to optimize detection for their organization.